Microsoft Teams In A Call Indicator

Update Brings “In a Call” Visual Indicator, Very Peri & More to Landis Attendant Console for Teams

3/3/2022 – Landis Technologies continues a constant update schedule to continue to make the Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams the ideal, go-to receptionist console for Microsoft Teams around the world. In their latest update they continue emphasizing their solution “Is Familiar & looks & feels just like Microsoft Teams” by utilizing the Very Peri color in themes while adding features to enhance call handling like a distinct presence indicator for when contacts are “In A Call” versus “Busy”.

Japheth Nolt, Head of product development at Landis Technologies, notes: “This update brings a list of new features and product enhancements including introducing the MS Teams ‘Very Peri’ colors, at a glance “In A Call” presence indicator, more advance search filtering scenarios and more.” He added, “As we did with Attendant Pro for Skype for Business, our design team invests a lot in making sure the Landis Attendant Console is cohesive with Microsoft Teams UI design language and a pleasure to use.”

The Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams has already been deployed in organizations throughout the world, including in AMERICAS, APAC & EMEA regions.

Landis invites organizations to start using it today at, with a fully working trial that only takes minutes to enable.

What New in Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams in March 2022: