Microsoft Teams IVR Designer

Simple Designer Allows Anyone to Build Microsoft Teams Voice Apps

2/18/2022 – The Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams has always had the capability to create Microsoft Teams IVRs. In their latest update they have released a Visio-like voice app designer that allows just about anyone to create call flows.

“Our goal is to make contact center and call flow design for Microsoft Teams as simple as possible” says Landis Technologies managing owner Matt Landis, “Our IVR Designer makes voice call flow design as simple as creating a Microsoft Visio chart or a Power Automate Flow. Just add the feature blocks to create the functionality you want.”

Common feature blocks like play prompt, text to speech, tone input, call transfer, business hours, data dips and decisions, means you can make most flows you can imagine. Surveys, account information retrieval, dial-in information lines, databased routing, multi-level auto attendants, Microsoft Power Automate integration and more is possible.

Realtime and historical analytics are available for voice apps built using the Landis IVR Designer. The calls into these voice apps are handled by the Landis Contact Center IVR Bot. (not the 1st party Microsoft Teams Auto Attendant) Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams customers may use the IVR/Voice Apps whether or not they are not using Queueing & Agents component of the contact center.

This functionality is available right now. You can setup a fully working trial immediately.